About us

Welcome to The Period Pain Co – a dedicated online retailer based in the heart of Adelaide, Australia. As champions of equality and alleviators of pain, we are determined to dismantle the societal barriers and challenges women face daily.

Our innovative product, Invisiwarm (our period pain relief belt) aims to shatter the prevailing notion of period pain as inevitable and normalise the conversation around it. Let's turn the tables and consider period pain not as an accepted fate, but as an issue we can confront and conquer. 


The current mindset

Menstrual pain is a very common issue, often endured in silence, and traditionally combated with drugs and heat. Many are told to just 'put up with it' and are told it is natural. Many women resort to hot water bottles, which aren't practical on the go and can be extremely dangerous, or single-use heat pads, which pose environmental concerns. Here at The Period Pain Co, we strive to tackle these challenges head-on, simultaneously raising awareness, providing effective solutions, and educating about the distinction between regular and irregular period pains.


The science of period pain

Period pain is vastly understudied. One study however found that women on average lose 9 days of productivity a year due to period symptoms. Another study found over 40% of women get period pain at every period and over 70% of women under the age of 25 report period pain. In a large study on menstrual pain, over 20% of women report missing school/university due to it and 40% report lower concentration levels.Severe period pain can also be caused by other underlying conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS or adenomyosis.

In the medical world, menstrual pain is often termed as primary or secondary dysmenorrhoea. If you're experiencing exceptionally painful periods, it's advisable to consult a doctor, as this could indicate a more serious condition. We're gradually unearthing that severe period pain is NOT normal and may be indicative of a more grave condition, especially if the pain is escalating over time.


Pain management

Below are a few different ways to relieve/manage period pain. Everyone is different, so different methods will work for different people.

  • Pain medication (Ibuprofin, Naproxen) - talk to your GP for your options here
  • Heat:
    • Hot water bottles/heat packs/warm shower
    • Invisiwarm
  • The pill: Hormonal contraception (skipping periods) - talk to your GP for your options here
  • Other contraception (eg. IUD's) - talk to your GP for your options here
  • Exercise
  • Massage - light, circular massaging your lower abdomen
  • Tea (some types of tea have been shown to help)
  • Yoga (Yoga has been shown scientifically to be excellent for pain management)

However, it's crucial to note that while some of these methods manage the symptoms, they do not 'cure' period pain. Measures like heat application and massage can only mitigate the discomfort. Other options such as contraception can potentially 'cure' it by stopping periods or ovulation or reducing menstrual flow, but they might come with side effects such as weight gain, depression, mood changes, and more.


What we do

We strive to raise awareness that Period Pain is not normal and try and provide help to those suffering from it through our thin and discrete period pain relief belt, designed to hide away underneath clothing so you can wear it out on the go (as you can't do with hot water bottles).

At The Period Pain Co, we're here to help you understand, manage, and potentially overcome period pain. We're on a mission to revolutionize the way we view, discuss, and deal with menstrual discomfort. Join us in creating a future where period pain no longer impedes our day-to-day life.