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    Our Commitment

    Every time you choose Invisiwarm for Period Pain Relief, you are not only helping yourself, but also supporting menstruators in need around the world.

    Charity Partnerships

    What is Period Poverty?

    Period poverty is theĀ lack of access to menstrual products andĀ facilities. This makes it much harder forĀ menstruatorsĀ toĀ manage their periods with dignity and comfort.Ā Period poverty can seriously impact an individual's health, education, and economic opportunities. Many menstruators choose to stay home and skip school due to being unable to afford menstrual products

    This issue is not limited toĀ poorer countries, but is also widelyĀ prevalentĀ in richer countries to.Ā This is why in many countries, period products have been made free in schools.

    However the fight toĀ eradicateĀ period poverty is long from over.Ā Ways we can hep include changing government policy, donating products to those in need and educating about this issue.

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